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This summer, we will discuss how to take action and contribute positively to the 5 Pillars of the SDGs: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnership. We have invited 5 inspiring young activists that have founded impactful projects, making the change that our world needs. Curious to know who they are? Check below and stay tuned to our social media!

During this conversation series you will :

  • Interact with young founders of global initiatives.
  • Discuss global issues on the 5 pillars of the SDGs.
  • Work with a team to create a project that contributes to change.
  • Get a chance to win a 1-week mentorship with the young founders to start your own project!
  • If your group project is selected, you will also have the opportunity to present your initiative at an open I’M GLOBALCITIZEN event on August 27th! More info here

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🎯 End poverty and hunger in all forms and ensure dignity and equality.

Speaker & Mentor:

Mohamad, 21, fled from Syria after his mother got arrested for her political activism. He created a school in a refugee camp in Lebanon, helping more than 200 children and 500 women every year. 

Since then, his work has been recognised with several international prizes such as the International Children Peace Prize 2017. He has also been invited to summits like the World Economic Forum and Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Summit. In 2018, he started Gharsah Sweden and Mexico, aiming to support marginalized groups, especially refugees through creative and educational methods.

Passionate about film-making as a medium to tell stories, Mohamad has already made three documentaries that have been screened internationally.

🎯 Ensure prosperous and fulfilling lives in harmony with nature.

Speaker & Mentor:

Mikaela, 26, is an advocate for Circular Economy and has been featured on the Forbes 30 under 30 List for Social Impact. Holder of an M.Sc. in Engineering, she is the co-founder and COO of Hack Your Closet.

Founded in Sweden, her startup has extended its activities to France and employs 15 people to this date! Hack Your Closet is working towards sustainable fashion. They are looking to reduce the negative impact of fashion on climate by prolonging the life of clothes and reducing waste in the clothing industry.

She is passionate about leadership, sustainability, organization, and the start-up ecosystem. She also enjoys investing in the stock market and likes the rush of high-risk investments!

🎯 Protect our planet’s natural resources and climate for future generations.

Speaker & Mentor:

Joshua is a Nigerian climate and environmental activist, public speaker, creative consultant, community builder and internationally acclaimed social entrepreneur. He is the founder of LEARNBLUE, an international youth-led non-profit organization, creating awareness, and inspiring individual actions against global environmental issues that threaten our planet.

In 2019, he started the #ForACleanerLagos campaign which went viral on Nigerian Twitter with over 3 Million reach. A campaign which spun a cleanup series that led to the recycling of over 40,000 Pounds of non-biodegradable waste from blocked drainage and water channels, months after founding LEARNBLUE. 

In recognition for his work, he is a recipient of several international awards including being named a Teen Vogue 21 under 21 Honoree, We Are Family Foundation’s Global Teen Leader, and Doha Debates #SolvingIt Honoree amongst others. He was also named one of the 100 Most Influential Young Leaders in Nigeria. 

Using his platform and voice, he is passionate about leaving an impact on his generation, educating and inspiring them on making right decisions that positively impact their society, protect the environment, and inspire their peers.

🎯 Foster peaceful, just, and inclusive societies.

Speaker & Mentor:

Sena Chang is a Japanese-Korean writer and youth activist, as well as the founder of The Global Youth Review, an international magazine that has reached a viewership of over 70,000 readers across 100+ countries. An organizer for the Japanese Climate Movement, she has also been a youth delegate at events such as UN’s 67th Commission on the Status of Women and the 2022 ECOSOC Youth Forum, where she drafted policies that fed directly into the UN’s High-Level Political Forum. Fueled by a love for storytelling, her art and writing have also been recognized by The New York Times, and Sundress Publications, amongst others.

In 2022, she was recognized by Grammy-Winning Artist’s We Are Family Foundation and Three Dot Dash as a Global Teen Leader and was invited as a member of the ForbesWomen Forum.

Using her platform and voice, she dreams of reforming hegemonic narratives and cultivating a generation that is open and empowered to engage in open political dialogue. 

🎯 Implement the agenda through a solid global partnership.

Speaker & Mentor:

Sydney is an Australian 17 y.o plastic pollution activist. She grew up living and traveling on a sailboat around South East Asia and saw firsthand the devastating impact of plastic on the environment. So she and her family created the Sea Monkey Project, a social enterprise focused on plastic pollution solutions and education where she educated others on the issue.

The Sea Monkey project has partnered with other companies such as Adidas, Nestlé, and The Body Shop. In collaboration with Loop2cycle, an organisation that specialises in providing commercially viable and sustainable plastic recycling machines, they designed and created 100% up-cycled products. From their used plastic bottles, they made products such as combs or keychain fragrances, all by up-cycling about 60KG of plastic containers. Also, the products of the Sea Monkey Project 100% up-cycled bags are handcrafted by refugees; these families are registered with UNHCR in Malaysia, but are prevented from accessing legal employment. And now are gaining sustainable employment through their Community Project Site in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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